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Community Foundation Field Guide to Impact Investing

Mission Investors Exchange, with dozens of community foundation and impact investing experts
Publication date: 
September, 2013

Note: Scroll down to "Related Content" to links to watch a three-part webinar series on the Field Guide.

Click here to open the Community Foundation Field Guide to Impact Investing as a PDF document you can download and print. Note that all the stages (Learn, Design, Activate) and steps (Articles are accessed via the Learn map, Design map and Activate map; Case Examples via the Case Example map.) are all "live" as well as all internal and external links throughout the document. Note the blank pages you will encounter here and there are to ensure proper print paging. Two quick tips: On a computer, you can use your browser's back and forward buttons to navigate. On an iPad or tablet, you can "'pinch open' to zoom in" and "'pinch closed' to zoom out." (Don't know what this means? Try this page from Apple.)

Please let us know...

...if you are having any technical issues opening or using the Field Guide.

...if you would like to propose a case example you'd like to add to the Field Guide;

...if you have a resource to add to the Field Guide that may be useful to impact investors at community foundations; or

...if you have feedback for us about how the Field Guide is working (or not working) for you.

Thank you.